San Joaquin Valley GMRS Network

We are a network of nodes and repeaters linked through the internet, meaning everything you say goes through the internet and comes out of the other end. One advantage of this technology is it can be taken off the internet at any time and put on a local ip network in case of a disaster.

We have an order page up so people can order nodes for themselves and try out the network. If you don't like it we have a 100% money back guarantee. Payment arrangements can be made.

To request a node for our network, please email Bryson,

------Nodes are $145------

I accept credit or debit cards via square

GUMMERS Repeater in Brentwood, CA - 462.650MHz PL 107.2 +5MHz Offset

BARN-R1 Repeater in Monterey Bay, CA - 462.550MHz PL 141.3 +5MHz Offset